Leader in Sustainability

and recipient of

LEED Silver Certification 

El Cafetal is the first free zone in Costa Rica to receive the LEED Silver Core & Shell Certification, demonstrating Garnier & Garnier’s commitment to environmental protection. Thus, we make sure companies can operate in a sustainable and socially responsible fashion. We contemplate a series of strategies to reduce or eliminate the negative impact on both the environment and the people who inhabit it:

41% of green areas sown with native plants.

100% of certified wood used.

15% of savings due to energy efficiency.

100% of the effluent from the treatment plant used to water these areas.

We promote the use of public transportation with shuttle services. 

Restrooms save 33% of water.

70% of parking space underground.

Eco-friendly refrigerants (no CFCs) used by companies. 

Proper waste management. 

Erosion and sedimentation plan. 

Cobblestone streets that work as water retention tanks.